Thursday, July 19, 2012

Artists of the Week!

Yet again, for the third year in a row, I am changing my positive behavior incentives for the art room.  My first year of teaching I did a star chart based on whole class behavior, which started out great.  Eventually though, I started to forget putting stars on the chart!  

This last school year I did a Touchdown Challenge board (I'm from Buffalo, so of course I'm a Buffalo Bills fan!).  This also worked well in the beginning, but towards the half-way point in the school year, I started to forget to move footballs and students didn't really pay attention to it either!  Plus, I ended up taking away valuable art class time for parties/free periods/movies for the winners.

Finally, this year I think I have it!  At first I wanted to do an Art Bucks theme.  I found some cool artist renditions of American currency done in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo to go with the Mona Bucks, however when I tried to print them off, I was directed to a website to inform me of the illegal act of printing counterfeit money!!!  Oops!!  So instead, I decided to use this idea I found on Pinterest of course, on the blog For the Love of Art.  (She uses a bookmark as the prize for winning artist of the week, but I'm going to change it up a bit.) 

Artist of the Week glitter palette with glitter paint cans!

One paint can for each classroom teacher whose kids come to art!  I still need to add handles to them though...thinking of either using aluminum wire or silver paper...

A little closer up...Artists of the Week...Work hard! Have a positive attitude!  Work quietly!  Help others! Respect materials!  ARE CREATIVE!!!

I am positive that this will work this year for my students because they prefer that instant gratification, and this is closer to instant than a party every 10 weeks!  Every Friday when we have a full week of school, I will choose an Artist of the Week from each class.  They will get their name written up on their paint can and they will receive a "Sit by a Friend Pass."  (Of course, I will write their name on the back so they can't switch with others!)  I saw this pass idea somewhere on Pinterest, but can't remember where...apparently it was one of those rare things I didn't pin!  :(

Students are always asking me to switch seats or have an entire class change assigned seats, which I rarely do, so this will hopefully encourage them to be on their best behavior!  Plus...I'll save money from having to bake 100's of cupcakes every 10 weeks! ;) 

Of course, students will be responsible for keeping track of their card...if they loose it they won't get another!  I also plan on sending home a monthly art newsletter this year, so each Artist of the Week will have their name in the newsletter as well!!!


  1. Nice blog Jen, I'll be following you. Cristin

  2. Yea! My first follower! You'll keep me in line... ;)

  3. So do you give an award to the the best behaving/working class at the end of the week too, or just an individual student? And can you clarify the can?
    Thank you!

    1. I have one can for each classroom teacher in elementary school...three cans for the three kinder classes, two for each of the 1-6 teachers, and one for the special education class that comes to a total of 16 cans are displayed in the hallway with each of the respective elementary teacher's names on them. I used to do a quarterly award for the best behaved class, however this ended up taking away valuable time from art projects and it ended up being very one-sided as to which class would win from each grade level, so I decided to switch to the individual award. I have to admit (and this is something I will cover in a future post) that it became difficult to update this and make new awards each week, so I will be changing this to artist of the month for this upcoming school year.