Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Common Core and A.P.P.R....ugh!

Is anyone else using a lot of their precious summer time working and reworking their curriculum?  I hate to say it but I've been teaching for two years now and I have never actually written down a set curriculum for each grade I teach...I have used the NYSATA 2002 Visual Arts Curriculum Companion as my guideline and have a huge binder full of my own lesson plans in order from start to finish, so it's not like I've been out in space, but APPR and Common Core has finally kicked my butt into gear for writing my own curriculum.   Here are my intended learning outcomes for the grades I have finished:


  1. Students will create and identify basic lines, shapes, texture and patterns.
  2. Students will cut safely using scissors.
  3. Students will use an appropriate amount of glue for collage projects.
  4. Students will paint with watercolor and tempera paint.
  5. Students will create detailed backgrounds in their artwork.
  1. Students will draw detailed backgrounds using appropriate subject matter.
  2. Students will create realistic depth in art.
  3. Students will identify the Elements and Principles in famous artwork.
  4. Students will build sculptures using various art mediums.
  1. What is a critique?
  2. What is the difference between 2-D and 3-D art?
  3. What makes a good composition?
  4. What are warm and cool colors?
  5. How do I create depth using color?
  6. How do I create emotion and feelings in a piece of artwork?
  7. What does it mean to have contrast?


  1. Students will create depth in art using the foreground, middleground and background.
  2. Students will be able to identify symmetrical and asymmetrical art.
  3. Students will create emphasis in art.
  4. Students will create movement and rhythm in their art.
  5. Students will create form in architectural sculptures.
  6. Students will simulate real texture in their artwork.
  7. Students will draw proportional people.
  1. Students will create good compositions in their art in accordance to the Elements and Principles of Art.
  2. Students will create form in 2-D art using shapes, value and shading.
  3. Students will create various forms of abstract art.
  4. Students will understand and use a motif in their art.
  5. Students will identify and create radial art.
  1. Students will be able to identify the following color families: primary, secondary, warm, cool, analogous, intermediate, neutrals, monochromatic, and complementary.
  2. Students will use the above color families in their own art.
  3. Students will correctly utilize 1-point perspective to create a scene with a focal point.
  4. Students will create a focal point using the elements and principles of art.
  5. Students will create art that uses words and letters.
  6. Students will use contour drawings to create detailed drawings.
Not sure I'm totally happy with everything yet...these are just my rough drafts.  My sixth grade curriculum hasn't been started yet, but it will primarily deal with aligning a majority of their art projects with social studies/history.  

So, can anyone give me any suggestions/comments on what I have so far?  I will be spending the rest of my night working on pre- and post-assessment rubrics!!

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