Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Private Art Lesson Day!

This last school year, a parent of one of my students asked if I would give her daughter private art lessons!  So exciting!  We started off with learning to draw a still life and observing placement.  (Oh yeah, my student was in third grade when she started these lessons with me.)  We went onto some basic shading and then added shading to the still life.  Here are some of her drawings she has done with me.

 She was having a hard time controlling regular pencil so we started off creating value with colored pencils.  After she got the hang of that, we moved to black and white shading.
Here is a one hour still life she did, shaded with colored pencil.

After the drawing lessons, we moved onto painting, which she is really enjoying.  I have taken pictures of all her paintings up until now, but we started with q-tip pointillism for mixing colors...We did a koi pond pointillism painting and then we created a Monet style water lily painting.  Those were both one hour paintings.  During her previous lesson, we started a peacock and it turned out really great!  This peacock painting is a two-hour painting.  

We started by doing a pointillism body.  We added details to the smaller green feathers with a fine tip brush.  The second art lesson, we added the tail feathers using a combination of brush painting for the stems of the feathers, an actual feather to create the wispy feathers, and pointillism to create the eyes on the feathers!  I think it looks awesome!

Recently, my student and her mother took a four hour painting class by a local artist and she really enjoyed it.  She was able to paint in oil paints and did a really nice job!  We're going to move onto watercolor paint (from the tube) and then eventually oil paints in our private lessons.


  1. The picture looks like it is on silver paper? Looks great, my kids will love it. Have definitely pinned this one! Please visit me at Dream Painters, I'd love to hear what you think!

  2. Actually, we painted the peacock on regular canvas paper! I will definitely head over to your blog and start following as well! Thanks!