Sunday, July 22, 2012

Relaxing Weekend in Alex Bay!

Since my parents were up visiting this weekend, we took a break from work and headed out to Alexandria Bay, NY, which is about an hour from where I live.  We've been to Boldt Castle quite a few times on Heart Island, so this time we took the tour of Singer Castle.  Yes, the same Singer that is the sewing machines!  If I remember correctly, the Frederick Bourne built this castle in the 1000 Islands on Dark Island and was a fifth generation CEO of the company. He built this castle as an intended hunting lodge!

Just a cool picture I took with my iPhone!

One of the exterior views of the castle from the base of Bridal Walk.

A view of the St. Lawrence River from castle and the six story clock tower features this clock face all around which is actually 6' in diameter!

The other cool think about Singer Castle is that Frederick Remington purchased an island across the way from where they built the castle for his art studio!  They said on the tour that he bought the island for the quiet atmosphere away from Canton, NY where his home was.  Instead of quiet  though, he faced all the builders, quarry men, and large boats from Singer Castle!  In the end though, Remington apparently forgave the Singers and sent them a bouquet of flowers when they moved in!  There were a few paintings and sculptures by Remington at Singer Castle inside, like this one below!

Now all I can say is, bring it on Monday!  I really need to get to work on my school stuff for next year!  I really feel like this summer is starting to fly by now that I've created my check list of what I need to accomplish before school starts....

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