Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1st Grade Post-Assessment Results

For this particular group of students, my SLO stated that 80% of students would reach a satisfactory grade on their post-assessment (which was a range of 72%-80%).  Most of the students scored below a 65% at the beginning of the year on their pre-assessment.  Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal with this SLO, despite the fact that each student did in fact improve.

I have definitely learned a bit about writing my SLOs for next year.  One thing I learned is that I think it may be more realistic to set individual goals for each student, and then state that 80% of the students will reach their goal.  I also realized that I need to make sure I take the time to clip together each individual pre- and post-assessment.  I didn't have time to do that before I swapped with the other art teacher, and she did not take the time to go back and look for the pre-assessments to make a comparison to.  Therefore, some of her scores were probably a little lower than what I would have given the students.

In the end, I'm not worried about how these SLOs will affect my final score for APPR.  Since I had to do 4 SLOs (and other teachers only had to do 1 or 2), mine will all be weighted differently for that portion of my score.  And also... this is just a test year for our district!  I've learned from my mistakes and now I can fix them in order to succeed better next year!

So, without further ado, here are some of the examples of the pre- and post-assessments from 1st grade.  Students had to do a 6-square drawing test.  They had 5 minutes for each square to draw the subject given, show good craftsmanship and a good composition (meaning, have a horizon line, sky colored to the ground, good details, fill the square, etc.).  Students had to draw a rainbow, a fuzzy dog, a flower, a tree, their family and anything.  These were a little hard to grade using a 24-point rubric (4 points per square) so I think if I use this assessment next year, I will make more of a checklist for the drawings (i.e. a check if the dog looks fuzzy, a check if their is a horizon line, a check if the sky is colored all the way down to the ground, etc.).

Pre-assessment on the left, post-assessment on the right.

This student improved DRASTICALLY this year.  This student is very much behind the others maturity wise and also cognitively due to a health issue when younger. It's so great to see them draw people with bodies instead of arms and legs coming out of the head!

Nice improvement with color choice...this student is starting to recognize specific color choices instead of using one color.

Love seeing the sky colored all the way to the horizon line...and also when they stop writing words with arrows above their subjects!

Great improvement!  People are wearing clothes!

Love the details on the tree and rainbow for this one!


  1. I had to develop 2 SGO's for next school year. It is the first year we will be using pre and post assessments. I made 1 for 1st and 2nd and 1 for 4th and 5th. I said that for 1st and 2nd that 80% would go up 1 point on a 4 point scale or maintain 4 points in their ability to identify and use line,shape and color in a piece of art work. For 4th and 5th its the same but they have to use and identify all the elements of art. I'm working on developing the pre and post assessments this summer. Thanks for sharing and posting about all of your assessments this year! have a great summer! :)

    1. I'm definitely going to be wording mine differently next year. Unfortunately, I developed some great assessments (I particularly like the kindergarten, 1st grade and 5th grade one) but I probably won't even be using them next year! My position has been changed to K-12 and I will probably have to do my SLO's for my high school classes: 2 Studio Art classes (approximately 26 students total there), 2 7th grade classes (approximately 32 students total) and probably for my elective (approximately 8 students total). The studio classes will meet every day and the other classes will meet every other day for the entire year, so that will be where the bulk of my numbers come from now that elementary will only get art once a 6-day cycle.

      I will, however, be wording my SLO's differently. I think, especially since I know most of the high school students from elementary school, that I will give individual goals for students to reach, and then state that 80% will meet or exceed their goal. Individual goals will be based on the points of the rubric, not percentages too.

  2. Hi! You commented on my comment on the art teachers fb group so I decided to browse your blog! It's amazing!! Do your students and parents look at this website?

    1. Hi! Thanks for checking it out! As of right now, I have not given out this blog address to parents or students...I think of this a little more as my personal teaching art blog, however this year I will become the K-12 art teacher in my district and I want to create a high school blog that is run by the high school art students. I just need to work through the logistics of it with my admins. but I'm sure they'll go for it! I would like that one to be written and posted to by the students and I would share that one with parents and students. At some times I do a little bit of venting on my blog so I don't think it would be appropriate to share the site with students and parents!