Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome summer!

Phew, the end of the school year felt like it took forever to get here!  I thoroughly enjoyed my first full week of vacation this last week, catching up on gardening and cleaning.  Go figure that I finally have my energy back now that school is out!

My summer is filling up pretty fast and this year I am intentionally not doing anything for school until the middle of July!  Last year I got right to work working on curriculum and such, but I know this year coming up is going to be hectic for me, what with being pregnant and being switched to K-12 art.  It's hard to stay off Pinterest to keep from brainstorming high school art curriculum ideas, but I need to keep myself away from that for a bit.

So far, my hubby and I have accomplished a lot around the house this last week.  I planted some more in my gardens, cleaned up our guest room and finished cleaning out the room that will become the baby's room.  We also cleaned our kitchen and living room top to bottom!  Now it's finally time to relax a bit!

This week my brother and his fiance are coming to visit for the 4th of July.  We'll probably hit up the Renaissance Festival and work on ripping out the walls to replace insulation in the baby's room (and by we, I mean my hubby and brother!).

The middle of July will hold our annual family reunion, which should be fun (it's Gilligan's Island themed this year!) and then the beginning of August will be by baby shower back home in Buffalo, NY.  I'm so excited!

I have one more complete week of relaxation until the summer program starts at my school for four weeks.  I work three hours a day, Monday-Friday doing arts, crafts and cooking with the kids.  I'm also hoping that we'll be able to continue on the mural we started last year!  Until then, hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing summer!

Here's a peek at my growing belly!  You'll also notice from my photos that I chopped off approximately 12" from my hair!  This is the shortest it has EVER been!  I was a bit emotional about it, but it's so darn hot I couldn't stand the long hair anymore!  I'm donating it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, so it's going to a good cause!


  1. You look great! Your hair looks really cute! I chopped my hair short when I was pregnant with my daughter(she's 14 now...sigh...) I couldn't deal with it at the time with work, nauseous all the time and a five year old to take care of my hair was the last thing I wanted to deal with! Short hair is sooo easy! I eventually grew it back but cut it way short again about a year ago ! I love it short! Have a happy ,restful and healthy summer! :)

  2. Wow, you look fabulous - LOVE the haircut; very flattering!