Monday, August 11, 2014

Altered Books!

Whoops!  This was a project done by my art elective class way back when in the school year when I was on my maternity leave!  They weren't very happy about the results, but I was very happy with their reason why!  Their complaint was that my substitute didn't give them a project expectations sheet with a rubric at the beginning of the project!  Gasp!

These are just four of the seven altered books I received.  The students who were extremely unhappy with theirs wouldn't allow me to photograph them! :(  The students were allowed to fold, cut, curl, paint, etc. their books in any way.  We used a few books from an ancient set of photography encyclopedias that I found in my high school art room!

Not sure if you can see it, but this student cut her name out of the pages in there....

Once I came back from my leave and saw the students struggling a bit, I came up with my project sheet and rubric of what I expected and gave it to them.  Some didn't want to start over...they were done and ready to move on, but these few took what I gave them, used it and were happy with their end products.  This is a project that I will definitely be revisiting with my sculpture elective this year.

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