Monday, August 11, 2014

Studio Art: 3-D Master's Paintings (Picture Heavy Post!)

These 3-D painted letter "Master's Paintings" were the last projects done by my Studio Art classes this year.   I posted a long while back about the process they used to put these together...cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, and masking tape.  They applied gesso and then drew and painted their chosen painting on the surface.  I'd say about 2/3 of the students took their projects home at the end of the year, and I kept the rest to start decorating my high school room to make it more "mine"!



Can't remember the was taken out of an old art book.

Van Gogh..I love this one!

A Monet...and she did an amazing job on this one!

I did allow one Jackson Pollock from each class...

I believe this one was a Renoir.



The Scream!

Another VanGogh and another really great one!

Can't remember...for some reason I want to say this one was a Constable but I don't think that's right...


Can't remember... :(

Van Gogh

Keith Haring!


  1. These are really great! I'm inspired to try something where the kids draw out the letter and add a similar style about the artist. Link it with an art history project with my 5th grades... thanks for the inspiration! Hope you have a great year this year! Hope everyone is well! :)