Monday, October 17, 2016

Visual Journals 5 Weeks: Name Design (Picture HEAVY Post)

Here is assignment #2 from the first batch of visual journals assignments due at the five week marking period.  The second assignment was a name design on the inside front cover and first page (that two-page spread requirement).  Like the cover, it was supposed to be mixed media, and the only other requirement was that the student had to somehow show themselves in the design (like a self-portrait...but it didn't have to be an actual picture or drawing of themselves).  Here is a variety of the student designs!

On many of these, I did blur out names so that first and last names weren't showing.  If you come across an image that looks weird and blurred in unexpected places, that is why. ;)

The student's last name, which is blurred out, really balanced this out well...blurring his name doesn't do it justice!

Collaged background with acrylic name.

An amazing 7th grader I have!  He has always admired the graffiti art when we do it as an elementary student...needless to say he is really excited to get to the graffiti unit!

This student used the acrylic spray paint I have, oil pastel, and then used some really cool fabric tape to make his name!

Acrylic paint...not mixed media, but this girl has amazing craftsmanship with paint!

Again, many students missed the boat with the mixed media aspect of this, but I know they are going to improve.  We have some pretty solid designs in terms of composition, we just need to work on experimenting and being opening to making mistakes and learning how to fix them.  You can see my name design (and cover design) on the first informational post I did about these assignments, with my rubric, here.


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