Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2nd and 3rd grade Pre-assessments

After further discussing the pre-assessments for SLO's with my principal, I was able to have them approved by her and officially begin them! We also decided that it would be wise to assess everyone because my numbers are so close that if another student joins or leaves a given grade level, that could mess up my numbers and change which classes I have to officially use for my SLO's.

Today I started the scavenger hunt with my second graders and the "path to little red rising hood's grandmas house" drawing with third grade. I'm giving each group two days for each of these. Tomorrow I should be able to share some completed still life drawings from my forth grade pre-assessment.

I have to say, I am VERY surprised at the amount of basic art "rules" the students have forgotten over the summer...rules that I have pushed since I started teaching them such as using a horizon line! Guess this means I should be able to show some growth by the end of the year after I retrain them! ;-)


  1. Mrs Impey,
    I teach Elementary Art in Perry, NY. I was very happy to discover your blog!!! This year's changes have been so confusing; but finding different assessments from other teachers has helped me come to grips with how I want to manage them in my own classroom. I "borrowed" your still life idea of painting everything white~ I had planned to do a still life~ but never thought of that one detail! Thank you! I too am amazed at the simple things the children have forgotten, but impressed by the positive attitudes they have when trying something new!

    I don't know how you find the time to post as much as you do~ but I wanted to let you know what a great resource you are! Thanks again!

    Miss Wiepert

    1. Thank you! I am extremely OCD about my schoolwork organization (not so much around me house though...) and I don't have any kids, of the two-legged variety at least!

      I can't really remember where I got that white still life idea from...I think someone may have mentioned it at a regional art meeting and it stuck with me. I have to say that I have been quite impressed with their attitudes towards the still life drawing. I figured I would have moans and groans about doing something so boring but they are ALL really enjoying it! I think they are going to like the fact that they will do it again at the end of the year, and probably somewhere in the middle of the year. They seem excited about the idea of seeing their growth in this area! They've already been asking me if they can bring in other stuff to paint white for the next still life to make it more interesting!