Sunday, September 23, 2012

How did I miss the Andy Warhol soup cans??? did miss the special edition Andy Warhol cans on sale at Target???  This is one of those moments where it really stinks living out in the sticks...the nearest Target store is over an hour away from me! :(  Hopefully my call home to beg my brother/mom to shop at Target this week will find me four cans!

This week, I will be completing (finally!) my 6th grade pre-assessment and hopefully the 5th grade pre-assessment.  Those are the last two I need to complete!!!

I'm also starting my planned units with K-4.  This year is the first year that I have really mapped out what I am going to do, and have pre-picked art projects to fit each unit.  Although, Pinterest might change some of those already!

Tomorrow I will start my yearly "Mixing Colors" activity with my Kindergartners and I will follow that project with my "Primary Lines" project.  My 1st graders will be introduced to ROY G BIV via Greg Percy and some smart board rainbow games.  2nd grade on Tuesday will learn about Dale Chihuly and will participate in a series of 2D vs 3D Chihuly inspired projects.  My 3rd graders will participate in a project to kick off learning about depth in landscapes...fall birch trees!  I think the birch tree paintings are one of my favorite projects!  They always turn out so great, even for the less advanced students.  And finally, 4th grade will beginning learning about shape vs. form.  I will teach them how to draw 3D shapes on paper, and how to add value to these shapes.  Eventually, they will create a futuristic city drawing using what they learn.

Hope everyone has a great Monday tomorrow!

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