Monday, November 4, 2013

Art 7: Unit 2, Perspective

With my latest winnings (from back in August) from the SmARTteacher website, I was excited to buy this Vincent van Gogh action figure doll!!  This really made my day when I found it in the catalog...a little something to start decorating my high school room with!

This is one of the other things I purchased with my winnings... a perspective book that has some really great illustrations and explanations of perspective in it.  As I grade the 7th graders final sketchbook tags from the graffiti unit, we will start up a perspective unit.  This unit will correspond a bit with Common Core math, particularly the idea of proportion.

I have created a unit packet that deals with 1-point perspective and 2-point perspective.  I plan on having the students do two projects for this unit, and they will have at least one sketchbook assignment per each type of perspective to do at home for practice.  Along with my pages, I found these really great perspective practice worksheets on Pinterest, which lead me to the website Dawn's Brain.  There are a ton of PDF files you can download for free that have to do with perspective practice!

For the first project, students will be asked to illustrate a noun using 1-point perspective.  I have included the following practice PDF's from Dawn's Brain in my packet for students to complete before beginning the project: boxes, shapes, letters and the room PDF (for extra credit).  They will be doing this project in colored pencils.

For the second project of the unit, students will have to use value, so the first thing they will do is practice value scales.  Again, I have included the following PDF's from Dawn's Brain in my packet for practice before beginning the final project, which will be to do an architecture drawing of some sort (may be interior or exterior): boxes, room, house, and buildings.  For this project, I will have students draw out their architecture on regular drawing paper.  Then, we will lay some vellum over the top to retrace (so all of the poorly erased orthogonal lines aren't showing) with black Sharpie.  Finally, students will add their value on the vellum.

I have shared this unit on the SmARTteacher, so you can view a better version of my packet on there!


  1. I always love teaching perspective, but one thing I know is that some kids will NEVER GET IT! What will you do with those kids who put their heart into it, think they've done great, but really, not? (Of course, I have to remind myself, you have small class sizes, so you should be able to give a lot of individual attention, right?)

    Your lesson seems pretty ambitious - I look forward to seeing how your kids do! Thanks for sharing! Meanwhile you are getting close to baby time, right? Will you have a sub that understands perspective and can finish the project if it isn't done before you go on maternity leave?

    1. Well, hopefully I'll be able to get everyone to be successful! I'm hoping that with all of the practice sheets we use before the actual project, that everyone will have a basic understanding of how to do perspective. I have actually done a version of 1-point perspective with the group of students back when they were in 5th grade, so that's a start! What I actually think they will have a hard time with the most is using and controlling the rulers!

      On the other hand, I do tend to have very high expectations...should that be the case I have back-up extra credit assignments to help try and boost their confidence and abilities.

      I'm meeting my substitute this Friday for the first time...hoping to hold out (my patience) for one more week so that she can shadow me all week next week. I will have the students started well enough on the one-point perspective project. If she isn't comfortable with 2-pp I'll probably just let her plan a unit for them that's in her comfort zone. Only thing that will not be done while I'm on leave is clay...

  2. Hey there! Came across your blog while doing some searching for Mexican Mirrors. I was recently moved to an elementary position, and have started a blog about my experience (, but used to teach middle school and would always teach perspective, 1 and 2 point. I would show my students this video that I swear by and it really seemed to make a difference in their understanding of perspective. It is from Sunburst Media, the Art in the Classroom Series, Perspective Drawing. I had ordered it from Crystal Productions a long time ago, 2005, think they have an updated version now from 2009, but the way the speaker in the video explains perspective is very straightforward. I noticed a great difference in the finished work when I started showing this video and I love to pass on the information whenever I can.

    Hope you have a great maternity leave!

  3. In my drawing class I would like to teach perspectives properly