Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just some other great projects....

These are some more projects that I posted about previously.  I finally got around to catching up with all of my grading and getting the stragglers finished on their projects and I had some really great ones I wanted to share.

These are from the 2nd grade Beast's Castle collage project I did in alignment with the 2nd grade NYS Common Core Listening and Learning strand for fairy tales.  This class dug down deep into my scrap bin box and discovered all of the textured and printed paper I had stashed in there.  (The paper came from when I ordered the Nasco Mod Podge Foam Head came with their remnant paper assortment.)  This class got a lot more creative and detailed with their castles than the other one did.

And these are some more pastel pumpkin patch drawings.  These are from my K-3 12:1:1 class.  They did an AMAZING job!  I really can't believe how much these students matured over summer since last year!  Every single student was able to draw a pumpkin using my technique, and they actually looked like pumpkins!  Last year if I had done this project with them, I would not have had this outcome.  There would have been a lot more scribbling going on!

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