Thursday, December 13, 2012

2nd Grade Shape Collages

After finishing up with our Chihuly project, my 2nd graders did these shape collages.  I gave them a "quiz".  On the paper, I had them circle all the geometric shapes on the first question.  On the second question, I asked them to circle the organic shapes.  On the back, I had them list the primary and secondary colors.

It seemed amazing to me that after doing a Chihuly project, where we specifically talked about organic shapes, most of the students still couldn't identify an organic vs. a geometric shape on paper!

Either way, after spending so much time on these collages, they know the difference now!  We spent a total of about 4 another catch up day for those who were absent.  Two days for the geometric collage, two days for the organic collage.  The inspiration for these collages can be found on Mr. Hall's blog.

For these collages, we talked a lot about having a variety of shapes in different sizes.  Even though these are abstract, we talked about having a good composition: don't put all the same shapes next to each other, don't put the same color next to each other, have a variety of sizes and shapes, etc.

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