Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Art Club Mural: Nurse's Office

Riding off the shirt tails of the Christmas program mural, I decided to jump right in and start a second mural today with art club.  Every year I would like to start painting a mural in the school somewhere until we run out of room! ;)

Currently, our nurse is out of school.  She underwent treatment for breast cancer and is doing well now...only one more chemo treatment I believe!  Two years ago when I started teaching, she asked me if I would do a mural for her in her office, but I never got around to it...didn't feel I was ready. Since she is out, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to paint one for her and surprise her when she gets back!  I can't wait!

I decided to go with an underwater theme.  A few art clubs ago, I had the kids sketch out some ideas of what they wanted to go in it.  I took their ideas and then drew this mural on the wall.  I love the look of the "View From a Submarine" project so much that I decided we were going to paint a similar one on the wall!

I probably won't have any more photos of our progress on this until after Christmas Wednesday I have to cancel art club because I am a chaperon for a field trip to a nursing home with the Extended Day Program...oh the suspense will kill me!  I may have to sneak in there and do some painting myself, just for therapy!

I drew out the mural during my free period.  These three girls started us out...painting the water.

Next, these three students painted the water higher up where the shorter students couldn't reach... ;)

A few had a hard time brushing horizontally...they all wanted to do brush strokes parallel to whatever they were painting next to...even though they weren't as perfectly straight strokes as I would have liked, it still looks great!

While everyone painted, the others sat in the hallway working on homework and making Christmas cards for next Wednesday's field trip to pass out to the old folks. 

Just a shot inside the office door...the mural is being painted in the "waiting area".

The water is finished!

Next, these three students did the sand at the bottom...they painted is brownish-gold and then another student used a sponge-brush and sponged in white paint.

The last three students did the rocks.  These two painted them black...

And this student added some white to give them dimension.

Ta-da!  Day 1 progress!

Previously my school did not have any murals on the walls.  Last fall, the high school teacher had a visiting artist on Trout Lake (where she lives) and invited her to school to paint a mural with the high school students.  They did a large mural on canvas, which is in the lower cafeteria in our school.  At the time, the school was hesitant to allow her to paint directly on the walls.

Over the summer, I was able to get approval for this mural.  I'm not sure why I was able to get approval (I went to the board, had a plan written up, etc.), but I was able to paint directly on a wall!  So exciting!  A true mural!  Instead of using regular acrylic, I purchased Chroma Mural Paint from eNasco.  I don't really notice a difference between it and regular acrylic...only that the consistency is a little more watery.

For this mural, I didn't even have to go to the board!  I just went to my superintendent and she approved it!  That's progress!

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