Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper Mache Houses, Round 2: Christmas!

On Tuesday I started a second round of paper mache houses with the after school crew.  This time, we are doing holiday/Christmas/winter houses!  So far, they are turning out awesome again!  On Tuesday we painted the base coat and today we started adding decorations.  Pipe cleaners became wreaths, fences, and candy canes.  Pom poms became lights and snowmen!  I only wish the kids would get this creative with their other projects! (Sorry for the picture inundation!  I took my new camera to school today and couldn't stop snapping photos!)  These houses were purchased from eNasco, not built by students or myself.  Here is my previous post with the Halloween houses we made in October.

This one is mine...going for a gingerbread house look!

Love this one!  It turned out so cute!


  1. Maybe I asked this the first time you posted these - but I couldn't find the post (how about adding some labels and/or archives to your sidebar? That way a visitor can find an old post easier.) Anyhow, my question is simple - you didn't make the papier-mache houses, did you? Where did you get them from? Or if you DID build them, what is the armature? Thanks!

    1. Hmmm, I'll check my previous post and check the labels I added...when I look at my blog I see the labels and the archive...I'll go back and put a link into this post to the previous post...I've got to get better about doing that!

      I didn't make these houses, I bought them from Nasco. They come in a set of 3 (a big, medium and small house) for about $18.00 a set. I normally wouldn't but them as they are so expensive but I used grant money for the extended day. Here's the link to Nasco where you can find them: