Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spreading the Christmas Cheer!

Whew!  These last few days have been SO busy at school!  Yesterday I was a chaperone for the Extended Day program.  We went to one of the local nursing homes to take cookies and small crafts the kids made during after school.  Part of the requirement of the grant for the Extended Day Program is that we must do a community service project.  It went really well! The people living there loved seeing all the kids, and a few even gave them candy in return!  I think one of the high lights was for a group of students who received artwork made by one of the patients!


This lady loved her present so much she hung it outside her room right away!

The students showing off their artwork that the received from a resident artist!

In the last section, we sang carols because the people living there could not have cookies, nor would they be able to physically handle the presents the kids were handing out.


I also did the living Christmas tree "sculptures" one more time today with my special education class.  They loved it and they did SOOO well!

These guys even wanted to put a present under the tree!  We found some boxes and they fashioned some pipe cleaner bows for them. 

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