Tuesday, December 11, 2012

5th Grade Checkerboards Continued!

Class A has now finished their checkerboard pieces (aside from the few absentees) and Class B started theirs today.  I made a last minute executive decision to have Class B use Model Magic instead of the regular clay.  The second set of checker pieces made by Class A started getting bigger and bigger...and I'm afraid some may blow in the kiln!  (They are taking FOREVER to dry...I had them sitting out overnight, not in a bag, and most of them are still cold and clammy on the outside still!)

Model Magic seems to be doing just as good as the clay...I showed the students some tricks with scissors to cut the foam clay and they are using tooth picks to "carve" and add holes/dimples, etc.  This group was also a little more creative with their pieces (though I have come to accept that Class A is the "quick-let's-get-it-done" group and Class B is the more creative group). 

The Model Magic pieces are also a little easier to keep track of...I gave each student a paper plate to write their name on and they have all their pieces on a paper plate.  

Hopefully I'll be able to fire the kiln on Friday this week...it'll be a long, slow firing for the checkerboards and checker pieces!

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