Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Since 1st graders finished up their Monet ponds not too long ago, and they are actually learning about frogs right now, it only seemed apt that I do a frog project with them!  This is one of those projects that I have found to be very successful and I have done it every year since I started teaching (with little tweaks here and there of course).

This project only takes about three days to do.  I don't present a power point about frogs, but we do talk about what they know about frogs from their classroom.  On the first day, we trace all the parts to make the frog head and glue it onto paper.  On the second day, we draw the frog body together, and then students have to draw an appropriate background habitat and details to go with their frog.  Then they trace all of their pencil lines with black Sharpie.  On the third day, they color!

This is a nice, easy project that reviews using multiple horizon lines for depth, good craftsmanship and coloring skills, and having good details in a drawing.



My 3rd graders are finishing up their last birch tree project right now...spring/summer birch trees!  Their next project will also deal with frogs, as that is what they are also learning about in science class.  I'm really excited to do their project with them...I recently saw this pin on Pinterest and it inspired me for the next 3rd grade project.  Instead of doing bugs...I'm going to have them do the life cycle of a frog!  Hopefully I'll have some of those drawings to share next week!

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  1. I love these frogs! I am just about to start a frog inquiry with my k/1 class so I will try this with them. The habitats really show learning as well as beauty. @mrsmelva