Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting ready for the art show!

The end of the year has been pretty hectic for me so far...between my pregnancy brain, morning sickness and lack of energy, I'm struggling to get to the end of the year!  I've used more sick days so far since the 6 week point in my pregnancy than I did all of last year!

I know some of you have already had your big art show...I'm using this week to get ready for mine!  I always do the art show on budget vote day in our district, which is May 21st this year.  So, I'm taking a full day sub on Monday to set up for the art show and a 1/2 day sub in the afternoon to run my art club table (boondoggle sale and glass plate sale).

Here's how I get ready for the art show...

First, I pass back all of the artwork I've saved for each class and I have the students sign their names on the FRONT of each artwork.  I always have them do it on the back so that I can put their artwork on Artsonia. When everyone has signed their artwork, we neatly pile it up and I collect it.

Then, on Monday (set-up day), I go through each student's pile and I choose their best work from the pile.  This way, everyone gets at least one artwork in the show.  After I hang everything, if I still have room, I'll go back through and pick the next best, and so on and so forth.
This is my cart after three classes signed all their Friday this week it will probably be over and bottom shelf!

This is a storage cart that I have in my room by the door.  I use it to store 2-D artwork throughout the year for the art show.  It's currently a little messy, but each grade level has a black, canvas zippered bag to store artwork.  Then, if that folder fills up, I use the shelves underneath to store artwork.  Any 3-D artwork gets stored in boxes on top of cupboards until the art show.

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  1. You seem very organized! Have a great art show :)