Friday, November 30, 2012

6th Grade: Mexican Folk Art Mirrors

I just finished up (finally) with the Mexican art unit with my 6th graders.  The last project in the unit, after the Day of the Dead skull masks, was Mexican folk art mirrors.

Metal working was something new for me, so it was kind of exciting for me!  I taught the students how to do repousse and chasing to create radial symmetry on their mirrors.  In order to speed up the process, I have them use mosaic stickers for the mirror frame.  I'm not too happy with the quality of these, but we needed to move on with this project.  My superintended came in yesterday for some supplies and mentioned the same thing (which was a little embarrassing ..but she understood my reason for doing it).  They didn't really do a good job of creating a pattern/picture with the mosaics.  I think this was just pure laziness as I had made an example of a mirror to show them and we extensively looked at various examples of folk art mirrors in a power point...oh well.  Most of them at least understood what radial symmetry was!

Either way, what this has told me about my units that I created over the summer is that I may need to create less complex projects for the first project in each unit so that I can get through them faster.  We'll see how the next one goes...

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