Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fused Snowman Plate...Onto Slumping!

The good news snowman plate made it! 

He's a little bumpy on the left side of the plate because that glass was stacked higher and melted biggie though!  No airbubbles...which is a plus!

You can see a little of the residue left behind by the fiber paper. You should also be able to see the silght texture it has as well...a lot better than brush stroke texture from kiln wash!

These are the slump molds.  I also have the square molds in 3" size. 

Place the mold in the kiln...this gives you a better idea of how shallow my glass kiln is...

And line up the plate on the mold! 

For the slumping process I put it on at a fast speed...Hopefully I'll have the results for you by the end of the day or first thing tomorrow morning!

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