Thursday, November 1, 2012

Burlap Sewing

So, by the end of the day today, it finally caught up with me.  And when I say it, I mean "the sickness"!  This morning I went in, feeling a little tired from all of yesterdays Halloween festivities at school and after 1:00, I had no voice!  Yup, that's right, laryngitis has set in!  This is the third year this has happened to me...and each time it happens at a different time of year.  Once in April, last year at the end of September, and this year at the beginning of November!  Ugh!

It really stinks too because I had just gotten approval from my administrators to have my brother's girlfriend come in tomorrow to "observe" me and help out!  (They are coming five hours to visit this weekend, so rather than have them sit around the house I thought it would be cool to have them come to school to see what I do!) Then, at the end of the day, I had to go down to the Superintendent's office to ask her secretary to call me in a sub for tomorrow because I can barely whisper! (Yeeks!  Hopefully they could tell that I really wasn't sounding well and wasn't trying to get off work because I was going to have visitors!) Bring on the tea, humidifier and chicken soup broth!

Anyways, because of my voice issue, which, by the way, all the kids were making fun of me for because when I tried to talk I sounded very manly...I had to do something quick and easy for the after school program I am part of.  

I had a group of students who needed to finish their burlap sewing, so that needed no words; they just got their stuff and started to work.  Sand art is always a great back up plan too!  That's what everyone else did if they chose to come to the art room after school.  (I have a bunch of pre-printed sand art boards that have pictures on them for emergencies.)

 Not sure what the "inside joke" was for this, but it's supposed to say, "I <3 Bacon" (left).  I love the one on the right...this student did a little sewing, plus used pipe cleaners and feathers.

Another creative design using feathers and buttons.

This one should be rotated, but alas blogger is being photo dumb.  A little difficult to see it but this one was an attempt at a dragon.  Pretty good for a first time sew!

Another sewn burlap project and one of the sand art projects.

More posts to come this weekend as I get my photos uploaded and I get crafty with my visitors!

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