Saturday, November 24, 2012

Using Mondrian...

I almost forgot about this project!  My kindergarten classes just finished learning about Mondrian and reviewing the primary colors, squares and rectangles.  I also introduced horizontal and vertical lines to them.  Every year I do the Mondrian a little different with my Kinders...

This one was actually a 1st grade Mondrian collage...I used Mondrian as a review/filler project to review primary colors.  Obviously, we did this based on Broadway Boogie Woogie.


This was last years Kinder Mondrian project.  I actually did this one towards the end of the year to review the primary and secondary colors.  Each student got to choose to use either primary or secondary colors.  Students learned how to hold and draw using a ruler, as well as how to color neatly using markers!


I did this Mondrian collage my first year of teaching.  The primary color collage was done with 1st grade.  I actually did the Halloween version below with my 3rd graders that year as a filler project around Halloween...the great thing about Mondrian is that projects based on him are always matter what the age of the student!


I also did this project my first year with my 1st graders.


This Mondrian project was done with Kindergarten and 2nd grade my first year of teaching.  In the Christmas program that year, these grades were penguins so I had them make ties to wear with their penguin costumes.  They drew their lines with a ruler and then traced over them with acrylic from a bottle with a pointy tip.  The 2nd graders used watercolors and gold tempera.  The kindergartners used watercolor and sparkles.


Now that I have actually worked on my curriculum, I primarily use Mondrian in Kindergarten and for review in 1st grade...though he is always in my mind for filler projects with the other grade levels!  Everyone always remembers him and likes Mondrian's art...

This is the collage I found on Pinterest that inspired the Kinder Mondrian collages we just finished. The only thing I didn't use was the patterned border, for two reasons.  First, I think they look really nice with the solid black border, and second, I missed a few kindergarten classes because of  assemblies and being at the NYSATA conference.  It's time to move onto a seasonal project with my kinders!
Damien967's art on kinder's take on mondrian. fun first project of the year. and intro to cutting/gluing.

1. First we cut out different sized squares and rectangles out of construction paper.

2. On the same day, we glued our collages to black construction paper.

3. On the last day, we used the flat side of some paint scrapers to add the horizontal and vertical lines.  All we did was dip the scraper into some black tempera and stamp the lines onto our collage!


  1. I love these! Great project! :)

  2. Gorgeous work! I love working with kindergartners and I can tell you do too!

  3. These are awesome! I am always looking for different Mondrian projects to do with my kindergarten artists. Thanks for these great ideas...just beautiful!!!