Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Summary of My Week!

Thank goodness this week is over!  I haven't seen the surface of my desk, supply table, or rolling carts in about two weeks and it's been driving me nuts!  I'm usually pretty well organized, but with all the extra paperwork that has been thrown at us this year...I'm running out of room to put everything!  This is what my desk has looked like! I've been inundated with bags of bottle caps, artwork from kids to keep...I even lost my calender this last week in my mess! Thank goodness Friday was a half day for grades...I was able to get all my grades put in and do some cleaning and organizing to my desk and supplies!

In order to further incorporate Marzano's student scale with my rubrics, I took the smiley's from my grading rubric and added them to my visual craftsmanship rubric. I've been working on making my Mona Lisa rubric for my to come this upcoming week after I get them displayed!
This upcoming week is also Board Member Appreciation.  My prinicpal asked me to do a quick card for each grade level to give their board member.  I wrote EK in bubble letters and had all the kids sign their names in each letter.  Then I chose one student to draw a cougar, which is our mascot.  The grade level teachers were responsible for having their students create poems, essays, etc. to fill the inside of the cards.  It was a last minute thing for me because I kept forgetting to pass the cards around in class amid all my chaos! I had to pull some students out to do the drawings Friday's a good thing the teachers can be flexible about some stuff!

One of my little kindergartners doing the cougar drawing!

My kindergartner's started a Mondrian unit this week. I am using him to review the primary colors, cutting out squares and rectangles, and line.  I am also introducing the vocab words of horizontal and vertical to describe the lines.

The first day I showed students a powerpoint about Mondrian.  I show them a painting of a self-portrait he did first and ask them what they think of it.  Typical responses..."It's good!"  Well, why's it good? "It looks like a person!"  I also explain that he actually isn't famous for that painting.

Then I show them what Mondrian is famous for and we talk about what they notice.  It had never dawned on me that I could use Mondrian to talk about staying in the lines with coloring...but boy I had a teachable moment of my own!  When I asked students what they liked about Mondrian's art, they all said, "He colored really nice inside the lines!" It was like a light bulb turned on inside my head!

After the power point, I pass out my Mondrian Matrix sheet that I found on Enchanted Learning a few years back and have the kids color neatly in the lines using primary colors and black.

On the second day of our Mondrian unit, we started a Mondrian collage.  I gave students red, yellow and blue construction paper.  Their directions were to cut out a variety of squares and rectangles in different sizes, and to glue them on their paper to make a good composition.  We talked about spreading out the colors and shapes so that all the red squares weren't together and the blue rectangles were together.

I will post more pictures of these soon!  I have seen lots of Mondrian projects on Pinterest where students take cardboard to add the black lines, so I think I'm going to do that as the last step for the project.

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