Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mini Art Gallery!

One nice surprise I had when I got back to school after the NYSATA conference was that the frames came in that my principal and I ordered!  She came to me and asked about creating a little gallery in the main office (which is new to our school this year...the high school office used to be in the high school wing and the elementary separate  but this year they moved the high school office down with the elementary office...) and I suggested ordering shadow box frames.

I originally saw these frames when I was browsing through LTD Commodities for Christmas gifts.  They are a shadow box frame that has a pre-cut mat inside the frame.  It has springs to push the artwork up against the mat, and opens from the front so you don't have to pull the frame off the wall each time you want to change the artwork.  Each frame can hold about 50 flat art pieces.  I bought one for my nephew for Christmas for $10 and thought they were the coolest things!

After she talked to me about it, I went onto Amazon and tried to find different sized frames. I found a set of three frames there for $100 and of a little better quality, so my principal ordered two sets!

These frames are SOOOOO nice!  The hanging clips on the back are equally spaced out for vertical or horizontal hanging, so if I need to rotate the frames, I can do it without needing the custodians to rehang them!

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