Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Contests

This post is all about the contests I have been entering...both my lesson plans and my student's artwork.  Before I share, please know that I am not a sponser or being paid in any way to endorse these.  These are just contests I have found through web searches and e-mails that I have been entering into.

The first website is The smART Teacher.  I believe this is a relatively new website...only a year old at most.  This site runs two contests a month, sponsored by companies such as Gelli Arts and Crystal Art.  You must create a login and a profile to share lesson plans, units, worksheets, etc.  Each month there are two new contests, of which there are always 2-4 winners per contest.  Last month I won the Gelli Arts sponsored printmaking lesson contest and I will be receiving 4 gelli plates from them!  This month, the contests are again sponsored by Gelli Arts (share a printmaking lesson plan) and Crystal Arts (share 2 or more resources).  These are so easy to win, especially right now since there aren't a lot of people on the site!

In fact, I just received my Gelli plates today!


The other contest that I have been entering student artwork in, besides the Artsonia program, is something called Celebrating Art. I'm curious if anyone else has participated in this before...this is the first year I've seen it and tried it out.  Celebrating Art creates two publications a year of the best student artwork from K-12:

Who: Students in grades K-3, 4-6. 7-9, 10-12
What: Any art that can have a still digital image
(This is an art contest; NOT a photography contest)
When: November 29, 2012 & April 9, 2013
How: Entries must be entered online
Why: Over $5000 in prizes go to students and teachers for each contest
Get Published!
The first deadline is November 29th.  As a teacher, if you have 15 of your students published, you will receive a free hard-copy of the publication.  I figured it seemed impossible for me to have any student's published, but it turns out, it's not!  This publication is done regionally.  So far, I have had 7 student artworks chosen to be published!  Eight more to go! ;)
Additionally, 10 winners from each grade category will be chosen out of the published students to receive a monetary prize for Dick Blick...their teachers as well.  If one of your student is one of these grand prize winners, they will also receive a free copy of the publication!
Are there any other art contests that you particiate in that are free and easy to enter?

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