Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elementary Art Show at the Remington

Last Saturday I went to the Elementary Show opening at the Remington Art Gallery.  I was a little surprised at the small amount of work that was submitted...I was expecting almost every school in the area to participate!  Not the case.  Either way, (and I don't know how to say this without sounding cruel...) seeing what other schools put out made me feel good about the art I can get my students to do.  I work in a very low-income school district and we are actually ranked 30 out of 32 in the local two counties in our math/English test scores.  :(  I'm not saying the art there was bad, but in comparison, I saw that the artwork I submitted was at least par or above par to the other work that was submitted, in my opinion! I know that probably sounds bad, but I've never really seen other Elementary artwork from the area until now (last year, I never went to the parents came up to visit the weekend it opened and we had a horrible snow storm, so I never made it out there.), and I've always wondered where my students rank in the art department across the county.  Here are just a few photographs of the art that was at the show.

The pastel poinsettias and Greek vase are from my students...The small watercolor picture of a house was pretty impressive!

The birch trees with the white border and dinosaur picture in the top right corner are from my students...maybe I'm partial, but I like my birch tree project better! ;)

Drip paintings and a Chihuly project done by the Remington day care students.

The mask and Aboriginal art on the left comes from an art teacher who just started teaching this year.  Her and I actually graduated college together.  She has four blogs for her grade levels (she teachers in a small school district and teaches K-12 art.)

The Chihuly project on the right was done by the Remington day care students.

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