Saturday, March 2, 2013

YAM: Artistic Staff Development, Post #2

Here is Part 2 of my 4 part staff development post!  

3. Claude Monet: Waterlilies:  I did this project a few years back with 1st it!
 Paint the entire canvas, left to right, with blue acrylic.

 Streak in some white paint.  Don't blend it too perfectly!

Paint a lily pad using greens...

 Add a simple flower using white.  Add some reds.  Don't worry too much if they start to blend together a bit!

4. Jackson Pollock: Action painting with paint bellows:  Jackson Pollock will be a pretty simple one.  Since this one won't take much time, I'm going to have an iPad at that station with a YouTube video cued up of Jackson Pollock painting.

The first video is set to music, the other is the original excerpt from Hans Namuth and Paul Falkenberg. be continued!

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