Saturday, March 2, 2013

YAM: Artistic Staff Development, Post #4

Here is part 4 of my 4 part YAM staff development post!  Last one!

7.  Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Art Ben-Day Dots:  Faculty will create this simple, up-close view of an eye, just like Lichtenstein!

Draw the eye with eye brow and lashes.  Paint with black acrylic.

Add a small piece of hair in the corner if desired...using a q-tip, add the skin-colored Ben-Day dots.  Lightly use the other end of the q-tip to add color to the eye.

8.  Keith Haring: Simple figures in action!:  Staff will create these simple figures based on Keith Haring, and see what students learned about when they painted our first mural in the school!
Draw the figure, add a horizon line.  Paint the ground and background.

Paint the figure.  Using the paint bottle, outline the figure and horizon line.  Add movement lines.

Add some texture to the ground!

9. Kandinsky: Simple Circles:  Last, but not least, I'll have the teachers do these circle paintings.  Pretty easy and self-explanatory.

On of the other teachers, who is very into art, made the comment to me that I should save all of the teacher's art and display it in the halls.  That way, they actually try, AND, it shows the public that they support the art program.  I think I'll be saving these and displaying them with the kids art in our art show this year!

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  1. I love the eye as a stand a alone lesson and the puffy paint is a great add on to the Haring lesson! You have a very lucky staff