Monday, March 4, 2013

Extended Day Project: Plaster Masks

Last Thursday I had a small group of 8 students for my after school activity.  I recently purchased two of these Roylco Masks of the World Poster and Mold Sets.  I have TONS of plaster from the previous art teacher before me, and I haven't used any of it so here was my chance.  Each kit makes 12 different masks, and there are these nice posters that show where in the world the masks come from, as well as what they would have looked like from their appropriate culture.

I'll eventually probably use these kits in class for something, but the kids really enjoyed picking out and painting their decorative masks.  I didn't really give them any background information on the masks, aside from showing them the posters and talking about a few of the cultures they already know about (Native American, Mayans, etc.).

This one is my mask that I painted...

After I used the plaster, I got to thinking...I'm going to do a little research to see if the plaster I have can be used to make some slump/hump molds for glass/ceramics.  I bought a glass kit over the summer that has a sort of plaster in it to make a casting mold...if the plaster is the same type, I wonder if I could make a different kind of slump mold for my glass kiln using this plaster...

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