Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eric Carle's Mr. Seahorse: Part Deux

 Today we worked on our Mr. Seahorse mixed media projects in Kindergarten "class C" and my 12:1:1 class.  We're not quite finished yet, but I'll share what we did today.  My finished seahorse project is on the right.  (If you didn't see my previous post about these and how we painted everything to get ready for the construction portion, check it out here!)

Our first step today was to cut out long, skinny triangles from the green paper to make the seaweed. This was the easy cutting part!  This was also a time when I had the students not following the gluing rules.  I showed them how to put a bunch of glue at the bottom of the plate to stick the seaweed to.  In the past, I've done similar projects and when they put dots of glue on the seaweed, it just didn't stick very well.

 The next step was to trace 3 seahorses on the back of the red paper.  I'm only having them do 3 sea horses on their projects, but this way, there are extra seahorses for people who were absent or for students who might have cut off the tails.  The seahorse was tricky for some students to cut out, but good practice for advanced cutting skills.

That's about as far the kids got today on their projects.  Here is the rest of how we are going to finish this mixed media art:

The seahorses get glued like this: two on the big plate and one on the outside.

 Next, I'll have the students paint on some glue on the bottom of the outside ring.  We'll sprinkle some yellow sand on it.

If they have any extra green paper, they can add some seaweed to the outside too.

I've already hot-glued the cellophane onto the frame plates for the students.

Next class, we'll finish the frame part of our project, add the sand, and some small seashells.  I'll hot glue the plates together, as they hold better.  When I did this project before, I had the kids use regular glue and a lot of them fell apart.

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