Saturday, March 2, 2013

YAM: Artistic Staff Development, Post #3

Here is part 3 of my 4 part YAM Artistic Staff Development post!

5. Piet Mondrian: Mixed media artwork:  For this project, the teachers will use tissue paper.  The process will be much like my Mondrian collages that the Kinders did earlier this year.
Cut out various shapes and sizes of squares and rectangles.

 Coat the canvas board quickly with acrylic gloss.  Lay the tissue paper on the wet gloss before it dries.

Paint gloss over top of tissue paper. Be careful if you are using tissue paper that bleeds!

 Dip the flat edge of a paint scraper in black acrylic and add horizontal/vertical lines to your collage.


6. Seurat: Pointillism Still Life:  Teachers will create this still life using acrylic and q-tips!

 Draw a simple vase with a horizon line.  Using dots, paint the ground (below the horizon line) black.

 Add some white dots to the edges to lighten it.  Keep the ground right below the vase darker...this is the shadow from the vase.

 Paint the background (above the horizon line) with blue dots.

 Lighten the edges by dotting in some white paint.  Dot the vase red.

 Dot in some yellow and white in the middle of the vase.  This will help make the vase look 3-D. be continued!

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