Friday, March 8, 2013

YAM Spirit Week: Thursday and Friday

Thursday was wear a warm or cool colored I wore one of my favorite tops that has the cool colors on it!  (Didn't get any good photos that day of student outfits...)

Today was crazy pattern day...and let me tell you, there were some kids with awesome outfits!  

This student's outfit definitely was a rival to mine!  (And, a model I am not!  lol )

Today we managed to get all of the bottle caps in place on our Starry Night mural.  I was hoping to have the kids get them glued on today, but the caulking is so hard to squeeze out.  Even the 6th grade boys were having a hard time squeezing it out!  If I'm bored this weekend, I may go in to glue some on so I can have my two tables back.

This awesome cupcake was brought to me by my student who takes private art lessons with me.  She told her mom that she wanted to make flower cup cakes for snack when it was her birthday, so her mom bought her some fondant!  Awesome cupcake...and tasty too!


  1. how did you get the caps on so fast? It took us weeks to place and glue them all down

    1. We worked almost the entire day yesterday. Kindergarten started by putting the caps on the colors they matched with...5th grade came in next and continued. 1st grade helped me rearrange caps, a few students at a time. The 6th grade class all worked together to get a little more creative with the caps. 2nd grade didn't work on it yesterday because they weren't behaving...3rd and 4th grade washed and replaced caps for me, as well as took out any caps with white paper inserts and swapped them for different ones. Today's 6th graders started to help glue them down. For the most part, I'd say 3/5 of my students worked on the mural in some way, shape or form...whether they painted the boards, sorted the caps, or placed them.